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By Jon Gonzales

The following articles are designed to not only inform and educate, but also designed to address the many deep rooted issues and challenges salon owners and hairdressers face daily in their salons.

These articles are based on my 40 years of experience as a hairdresser/salon owner, and on information shared by thousands of hairdressers, salon owners, and educators I have had the privilege of meeting during my travels throughout the U.S.and in Canada while conducting my business management seminars, and guest appearances at many of our top hair shows.

I urge you to read these articles with an open mind and share this information with your staff. I do not profess that I have all the answers; I am only giving you my personal thoughts and opinions based on my 40 years of experience.  I urge you to seek out other people's opinions, then make your own decisions based on what is right for you. I urge you not to dismiss your own thoughts and opinions as well.

It is my wish that these articles will help you in meeting the growing challenges of a competitive and changing business environment with confidence. It's time for change and new direction. My only business is education, focusing on the educational needs of my colleagues. In order to remain focused and objective towards your educational and business needs, I represent no special interest groups. I’m committed to help my colleagues, free of glitter and hype, reach higher levels of excellence — personally , professionally , and financially . If we are to raise the standard of living for hairdressers and salon owners, we must raise the standard of educational excellence.

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Avoid the "Grass is Greener" Syndrome


You Must Excel at Customer Service


Build Your Business by Building a Winning Team


Don't Give in to the Challenges of Salon Ownership


Unleash the Power Within


Key 1: 10 Simple Strategies to Gain Loyal Customers


Key 2: Avoid These 9 Mistakes and Keep Clients Coming Back


Key 3: Prevent Turnover, and if it Happens, Fight Back


Part 1: Junior Stylist Training Program


Part 2: Junior Stylist Training Program


You Must Begin Planning For Your Financial Future


Build Customer Loyalty to Your Business


Measuring Customer Satisfaction


How to Win Back Lost Customers


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